About William Grace

Bill Grace is an engineer, sustainability consultant, advocate and researcher and an
Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Australia’s
Australian Urban Design Research Centre
(AUDRC). Bill’s consultancy work relates to all aspects of urban
sustainability including the provision of advice to urban planners and
developers on green building, renewable energy, climate change, environmental
impact, alternative water and wastewater recycling, smart city technology and
their interfaces with policy and conventional infrastructure and technology.

He is involved with a number of research projects at AUDRC
for government agency sponsors with the current focus on climate change. One
project is seeking to intervene in planning and design processes and policy to
reduce urban emissions and the other with modelling the impact of climate
change on the thermal performance of housing and the public realm.

He also teaches sustainability to built environment,
international development and public policy post-graduate students at UWA. He
also provides short courses with his colleagues at AUDRC Julian
and Chris Lund.

Bill has a degree in engineering from UWA and a Master of
System Dynamics from the Worcester Polytechnic
in the U.S. System dynamics is a powerful systems modelling
technique developed by Jay Forrester at the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology
. Bill is a member of the System Dynamics Society and regularly
presents at their international conferences.

Bill’s research interests involve the application of systems
analysis to sustainability strategy at the global, national and local level. He
has researched and presented in Australia and internationally on sustainability
and resilience with a particular focus on the role of complex system dynamics

He has recently joined the Centre for Policy Development’s
Research Committee. CPD is an independent,
non-partisan public policy institute addressing the toughest policy challenges
through a unique collaborative method that creates enduring systemic change.

When not in Perth, Bill is based in the unique biodiverse south
west of Western Australia
where he and his wife live off-grid with as
sustainable a life-style as possible, including regenerating local native
vegetation and conserving habitat.